The Gantner.webportal is an independent real-time analysis platform for data acquisition, storage and control of your PV portfolio which offers investors solid and reliable information (Financial KPIs, Performance Analysis) enabling them to evaluate their PV portfolio performance and develop preventive maintenance strategies.

Also, performance guarantees – target versus actual performance – can be reflected and the responsible losses can be identified. This identifies further optimization potential (in terms of kWh or $) and is leading to effective O&M and risk reduction for all involved stakeholders.

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Key Features and Downloads

Gantner.webportal Features

  • Portfolio and system overview including traffic light status system and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Dashboard for all plants
  • Forecast of energy production (optional)
  • Supports network operator reductions
  • Diagrams
  • Table view
  • Alarm-Management
  • Supports normalized values
  • Creation of reports
  • Analysis-Functions
  • Issue-Tracking-System
  • Availability calculation
  • Inventory management
  • PV Plant-Structure
  • High data storage rate up to 1 min resolution
  • Online access and control (Gantner.RAS integration) to Gantner Q.reader systems with a refresh rate up to 1 Hz
  • Gantner.RAS API for bidirectional plant access
  • Compatible with loggers from different manufacturers and other sources, e.g. meteorological data 
  • Compatible with IEC N 61724-1*
  • User Management with access and rights management
  • Support for mobile devices
  • W3C Standard HTML5, no additional plug-ins are needed
  • Languages: German, English, Russian, Chinese
  • Mechanistic Power Model (MPM)

*  This standard specifies classes of systems for monitoring the performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems and serves as a guide for various options for monitoring systems. Equipment, procedures and terminology for monitoring the performance and analysis of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Detailed product features

Charts: User-defined, customizable, intuitive

  • Create your own diagrams on the fly
  • Fast data access to different time scales, different data resolution; easy axis scaling, color coding of parameters
  • Sub-graphs put your data into full context - easy to identify outliers, trends or quality issues
  • Plot all environmental parameters along the way
  • Apply pre-defined filters
  • Tooltips and automatic scaling
  • Table view and direct export
Screenshot Charts

Teamwork function

  • One unique URL of analysis - anytime, anywhere
  • The new "Teamwork function" allows your analysis to be directly bookmarked, shared and discussed with your O&M team
  • Simply by sharing the URL your team will see the same graph with all selected channels, configuration, filters etc.
  • Data analysis and documentation - the easy way

Data processing in real time

  • For optimized PV Plant performance, a platform is required to harmonize the incoming data from all components in the PV plant
  • Reaching the target of predictive maintenance for lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) is possible with advanced platforms and incorporated algorithms in the Gantner.webportal.
  • Perform real-time sanity checks for physical meaningful values (sensors, strings, inverters, grid)
  • Easier with normalized data, redundancy e.g. with NOCT, weather (kT, BF, ...), DC, AC, solar position, AOI, ...
  • Make uptime tracking / availability audits
  • Monitor irradiation sensor drift

Data processing - solid and traceable data consistency

  • focusing on data analysis, data consistency is the key
  • That´s why we execute the following:
    • Incoming data is tested for measurement consistency, data consistency or data transfer issues
    • Missing data points are tagged
    • use of global filters and error limits to identify any future issue
    • overall sensor reviews for measurement validity

Analysis Features

  • Functions are designed to increase the work efficiency for the owner and O&M team
  • Information is pre-aggregated to deliver key performance indicators
  • Current, voltage (DC and AC side), Pdc, Pac, Eac, Edc, PRdc, PRac, efficiency, YR, YA, YF - per component
  • Normalization of all parameters for direct comparison and faster analysis
  • Temperature and irradiance correction on the fly
  • Automatic calculation of sun height, angle of incidence (AOI), clearness index (kTx), ...
  • Capacity testing configuration
  • New Filter Parameters: 
    • Sun position, AOI, shading status, clearness index (kTh), module temperature (irradiation weighted)

Component comparison - Table view

  • Identification of under-performing inverters, strings, ... in real time
  • Available for all components, electrical parameters (absolute & normalized)
  • Select your own limits and start - stop dates
  • Compare based on mean and median values, standard deviations, etc.
  • Provide baseline for O&M activities and to keep performance guarantees
  • Directly linked to heatmap plots

Identify and validate your concerns via heatmaps

  • Real time data processing
  • Allows absolute, relative and statistical analysis
  • Analyze absolute, normalized or digitized results
  • Configure your own limits, ranges and filters
  • See when your inverter is switch on, has wake-up problems over time, etc.
  • Directly linked to table view

Issue management

  • Report and track issues on from anywhere
  • Delegate tasks and trigger repeatable activities for your sub-contractors
  • Keep track of all your activities via portfolio analysis 
  • Upload your picture instantly if you are on site
  • Issues and sub-issues can be linked with inventory, structure and user rights
  • Automatic communication via e-mail or on website
  • Easy to export and integrate into asset management solutions
  • The issue management system can be combined with O&M logging and document handling to improve tractability, sensor calibration, and cleaning

Inventory of your asset

  • The inventory includes PV modules, strings, string monitoring, string combiners, inverters, sub-station, etc.
  • Fully integrated for central and decentral concepts
  • Easy Inventory handling: sort by firmware, installation date and many more
  • Grouped by products, articles, ...
  • Includes product pictures, data sheets, firmware updates, counter status
  • Sensors include calibration value and re-calibration date
  • Connectable with your own ERP tool
  • Fully linked to the issue management system


  • Get the big picture and quick localization of problems in one smart function
  • Plant structure (generated during data import) allows design & sanity checks
  • Fast validation check of all measurements (sensors, inverters, strings)
  • Compare performance of peers, localize issues
  • Data aggregation of selected component including existing issues, alarms, warnings (pop-up)
  • New issues can be created directly
  • Full site structure is generated automatically from the Q.reader central data stream

Availability reporting for all components

  • Run your customized availability calculation to meet your PPA /IPP contract requirements.
  • Calculation for each component (string combiner box, inverter, sub-station, grid) including interpolation
  • Make your calculation for production batches, years or firmware versions
  • Shared with all stakeholders at specific dates (e-mail, server link, etc.)
  • Supports preventive maintenance strategies

Platform concept

  • Database cluster with highest availability (fail over)
  • Constant performance - independent of asset size
  • Real-time analysis platform with direct changes in the live system
  • Data storage: automated, decentralized backup
  • Hosted according to EU regulations including state-of-the-art data security
  • Accessible from mobile devices with HTML5, W3C and interactive communication
  • Private cloud possible
  • Data owned by customer

User management, language

  • Different user levels with selected rights
  • Fully integrated naming convention and customized color coding
  • User management for associated functions and permissions (graphs, reports, functions, exports, etc.)
  • Languages: English, Chinese, German etc.

Personalized platform

Even though we implemented the functions we think are the best - there is always another approach to reach the same target or even improve functionality.

That's why our functions and features are adaptable to customer needs based on your requirements.

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