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Tradition and innovation

Gantner Instruments is a global leader in the development of high-precision measurement & control systems. Since 1982, the Gantner team has excelled in delivering products and services in the fields of electrical, mechanical and thermal systems, always prioritizing flexibility, usability and accessibility. Our test automation and performance monitoring solutions can be found in many industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Civil Engineering and Energy. Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions GmbH was founded in 2010 to serve the specific requirements in utility scale PV power plants.

Experience and competence

For many years our products have been used for environmental instrumentation applications. These include applications in photovoltaics and in the wind energy sector. We are convinced that renewable industries will gain increasing significance in the future. Therefore, we invest constantly in R&D to satisfy demands and trends deviating from standard instrumentation and testing requirements. We offer complete, customized and innovative solutions for monitoring, control and analysis of utility PV power plants.

Quality and reliability, Manufacturing "Made in Zwoenitz/Germany“

High precision, malfunction-free operation, high resistance to effects of temperature and EMC, robust design for use under severe conditions are features that distinguish Gantner products.

The production process is ISO 9001 certified to reach the high-quality goal of Gantner Instruments. All switchgear cabinets are manufactured in compliance to IEC 61439 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.

Price and performance

All Gantner products are distinguished by their exceptional price/benefit ratio and ROI. Because with our first-class instruments, you also get a concept designed for the future with a flexible and consistent modular layout to ensure that upgrading is always possible.

Fairness and service

Gantner Instruments endeavors to be a true partner for its customers, providing service when you need it, wherever you need it. Naturally this includes comprehensive and extensive consulting before purchase, practical aid during installation and unbureaucratic, flexible service afterward. And for special requirements we always find a custom solution.

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Career at Gantner

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