ProgressiveSolar field test systemsfor easy and accurate validation

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

The Solar Field Test Systems „OTF“ from Gantner Instruments provides all required data sets for an easy and accurate validation and technology comparison of your PV module. The Solar Field Test Systems „OTF“ measures all parameters for energy yield, low light behavior and thermal coefficients for any PV technology in order to create track record data and bankability support.

Test Equipment

IV Scanner

The Gantner IV Scanner

Analysis Functions:

  • Typical Energy yield parameters like performance ratio dc (PRdc), Energy Yield (YA), Reference Yield (YR), sun hours per year etc.
  • PV Module performance over the day/month/year for fixed, tracked installations,
  • Benchmarking, validate tracking benefits, Long term trends, fault finding
  • Thermal behavior (insulation, TC), low light behavior, seasonal variation, LID effects
  • Morning/evening behavior, Angle of incidence (AOI) effects, Spectral sensitivity
  • Weather types
  • Validation of Simulation functions (e.g. PV Syst, PV_Lib Functions) and modelling data sets, e.g. 1Diode parameters, Loss Factor Model (LFM) coefficients - site independent
Gantner IV Scanner

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