Browser based HMI/SCADA

The Gantner Q.reader Data logger & Power Plant controller provides a browser based simple SCADA/HMI.

SCADA Sample


Features, Sample Screens and Downloads

Key Features

  • Q.reader Data logger and Power Plant controller with integrated simple SCADA/HMI System
  • Web browser-based visualization and control (requires a PC with latest Google Chrome Browser, NOT Gantner Scope)
  • Fully customizable dashboards
  • GUI graphical user interface elements
    • Dashboard
    • Plant view
    • Table view
    • Gauges
    • Graphs
    • Switches and buttons
    • Trend curves
    • Text displays
    • Numeric and seven-segment-displays
  • Typical Screen list
    • Overview screen
    • SLD of Electrical connection
    • Inverter overview
    • Weather station parameter view
    • String combiner box parameter view
    • Trend display of components
    • Performance ratio trend
    • Communication architecture view
  • Connectivity
    Protocols from all leading inverter manufacturers are integrated
    I/O devices (e.g. weather stations, medium voltage parameters)
  • Data memory with individual logging interval
    8GB flash – extendable
    amount of historical data depends on storage space
Q.reader HMI 01
Q.reader HMI 02
Q.reader HMI 03
Q.reader HMI 04
Q.reader HMI 05
Q.reader HMI 06
Q.reader HMI 07
Q.reader HMI 08
Q.reader HMI 09
Q.reader HMI 10

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