Platform concept

  • Database cluster with highest availability (fail over)
  • Constant performance - independent of asset size
  • Real-time analysis platform with direct changes in the live system
  • Data storage: automated, decentralised backup
  • Hosted according to EU regulations including state-of-the-art data security
  • Accessible from mobile devices with HTML5, W3C and interactive communication
  • Private cloud possible
  • Data owned by customer

User management, language

  • Different user levels with selected rights
  • Fully integrated naming convention and customized color coding
  • User management for associated functions and permissions (graphs, reports, functions, exports, etc.)
  • Language: English, Chinese, German, etc.

Personalized platform

Even though we implemented the functions we think are the best - there is always another approach to reach the same target or even improve functionality.
That's why our functions and features are adaptable to customer needs based on your requirements.