Data processing in real time

  • For optimized PV Plant performance a platform is required to harmonise the incoming data from all components in the PV plant. 
  • With advanced platforms and incorporated algorithms in the gantner. webportal, the ultimate target of preventive maintenance for lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) is possible.
  • Perform real-time sanity checks for physical meaningful values (sensors, strings, inverters, grid)
  • Easier with normalised data, redundancy e.g. with NOCT, weather (kT, BF, ..), DC, AC, solar position, AOI, ..
  • Make uptime tracking / availability audits
  • Monitor irradiation sensor drift

Data processing - solid and traceable data consistency

  • When it comes to data analysis, data consistency is the key. 
  • That´s why we execute the following:
    • Incoming data is tested for measurement consistency, data consistency or data transfer issues
    • Missing data points are tagged
    • Includes also global filters and error limits to identify any issue later on.
    • Provide overall sensor reviews for measurement validity