Charts - user-defined, customizable, intuitive

  • Create your own diagrams on the fly
  • Fast data access to different time scales, different data resolution; easy axis scaling, color coding of parameters.
  • Sub-graphs put your data into full context - easy to identify outliers, trends or quality issues. 
  • Plot all environmental parameters on the fly
  • Apply pre-defined filters
  • Tooltips and automatic scaling
  • Table view and direct export

Teamwork function

  • One unique URL of analysis - anytime, anywhere
  • The new "Teamwork function" allows your analysis to be directly bookmarked, shared and and discussed with your O&M team.
  • Simply by sharing the URL your team will see exactly the same graph with all selected channels, configuration, filters etc.
  • Data analysis and documentation - the easy way

Investor dashboard

  • Investor and management view
  • All KPIs from your portfolio summarized
  • Customizable to your CI-requirements
  • Webcam integration