Analysis Features

  • Functions are designed to increase the work efficiency for the owner and O&M team. Information is pre-aggregated to deliver key performance indicators.
  • Current, voltage (DC and AC side), Pdc, Pac, Eac, Edc, PRdc, PRac, efficiency, YR, YA, YF - per component. 
  • Normalization of all parameters for direct comparison and faster analysis
  • Temperature and irradiance correction on the fly
  • Automatic calculation of sun height, angle of incidence (AOI), clearness index (kTx)...
  • Capacity testing configuration
  • New Filter Parameters: 
    • Sun position, AOI, shading status, clearness index (kTh), module temperature (irradiation weighted)

Component comparison - Table view

  • Identification of under-performing  inverters, strings, .. in real time
  • Available for all components, electrical parameters (absolute & normalized)
  • Select your own limits and start - stop dates
  • Compare based on mean and median values, standard deviations, etc.
  • Provide baseline for O&M activities and to keep performance guarantees
  • Directly linked to heatmap plots

Identify and validate your concerns via heatmaps

  • Real time data processing
  • Allows absolute, relative and staticital analysis
  • Analyze absolute, normalized or digitized results.
  • Configure your own limits, ranges and filters
  • See when your inverter is switch on, has wake-up problems over time, etc.
  • Directly linked to table view