• string.CC 16

string.CC 8|12|16|24|32

In large solar systems monitoring and troubleshooting becomes more complex. Each operator is interested in finding errors in a module, string, or a group quickly because they can reduce the amount of energy produced and the life of the system greatly.

With the help of the Generator Connection Column string.CC the individual solar module strands of a photovoltaic system can be connected in parallel and connected to larger wire cross sections to the inverter.

With the integrated string.bloxx it is possible to monitor and to control, inverter-independent precisely the DC side of photovoltaic systems. The data exchange between a string bloxx and superior management system can be direct, for example, the data logger Q.reader or the Controller Q.pac directly via the open standard Modbus RTU Bus. Thus, for example, a SCADA integration via OPC server without problems.

Key features

Channels 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 PV strings can be connected,
other versions available on request
VDC Layout Consistent 1000 VDC layout (option 1500)
Inputs Inputs for current, voltage and temperature
Overvoltage protection 1000 VDC and communication
Signal contact monitoring Circuit breakers and protective devices
Signal conditioning Calculated DC Power, linearization, mean value, Min/Max storage, alarm
Integrated LC display Display of all readings including current and
DC power for each string, configuration
RS485 fieldbus interface Up to 115.2 kbps: Modbus-RTU, ASCII (optional OEM)
Connectivity Can be connected to test controller and datalogger e. g. Q.reader or Q.pac
Lever type switch fuse In positive pole with contact protection
DC load break switch Included
String connection terminals 1.5 - 10 mm2 (optional MC3, MC4)
Housing Heavy duty industrial quality material and workmanship,
IP44, UV and weather resistant, -35°C bis +80°C

Functional Scheme