• Gantner Data Logger Q.reader

Data Logging and Control Systems

The Q.reader offers reliable and flexible solutions for the park control of utility scale and industrial and commercial (I&C) PV power plants. One controller can handle up to 100MWp control activities for central and decentral sites. With functions like voltage regulation, reactive or active power control, and control of power factor at the grid connection point all Distributed Network Operator (DNO) requirements are provide to maximize grid stability. The real time Linux based Q.reader has multiple input and outputs for the signal connections. The module concept allows flexible upgrade of the number of inputs and outputs. The Gantner Instruments Plant Controller provides all functionality for the Smart Grid for today and tomorrow.

Power Plant Controller Q.reader main function's: 

  • Absolute production constraint
  • Power gradient constrain
  • Voltage Control
  • Reactive Power Control
  • Power Factor Control
  • Frequency Control

Q.reader central

Q.reader cabinet
Data logger with integrated plant control for reactive power, ramp rates etc. Modular data logging and control system with integrated plant control
Q.reader centralQ.reader cabinet