Reliable „Re-Powering“ for existing PV monitoring installations by Gantner Instruments

The "Re - Powering" of PV monitoring solutions is becoming an important issue for operators and owners of installed PV plants. Some monitoring portals from other companies have changed their conditions and tariffs or discontinued their operation at short notice without providing alternatives.

For utility scale PV plants Gantner Instruments provides an optimized and reliable monitoring "Re - Powering" solution for existing inverter platforms (Danfoss, SMA, AE, AEG, Solarmax, ... ) or portals. This allows customers to measure, store and analyze their data with their present methods or with the gantner.webportal for improved functionality.

The detailed PV Plant structure can be generated automatically during data import which allows more efficient operation and maintenance activities with real time checks. Power plant control functions according to IEC 60870 (including power reduction and power factor) are included at no additional cost.

One recent customer example: An adapted hardware and software solution has been developed for all existing Danfoss inverters by Gantner Instruments. With this monitoring “Re-Powering” all existing customers can once again establish a reliable data collection and storage – based on proven Gantner Instruments quality.

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