About Gantner Environment

Tradition and innovation

Founded by Prof. Wilhelm Gantner in 1982, Gantner Instruments is a leader in flexible and distributed measurement and I/O systems. 20 years ago Gantner demonstrated its pioneering spirit as it developed the "Gantner Module ISM01", one of the first measuring modules capable of transferring data to a PLC via Profibus FMS or Profibus Layer 2.

Experience and compentency

For many years our products have been used for environmental instrumentation applications. These include particularly applications in the field of photovoltaics and the wind energy sector. We are convinced that this branch will gain increasing significance in the future and have therefore founded a separate company to satisfy demands and trends deviating from standard instrumentation and testing requirements. We offer complete, innovative solutions particularly in the areas of monitoring and data logging.

Quality and reliability

High precision, malfunction-free operation, high resistance to effects of temperature and EMC, robust design for use under severe conditions are features that distinguish Gantner products. Our products are produced in compliance with EN ISO 9001 and have an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of over twenty years.

Price and performance

All Gantner products are distinguished by their exceptional price/benefit ratio. Nowhere else can you get such value for your investment. Because with our first class instruments, you also get a concept designed for the future with a flexible and consistent modular layout to ensure that upgrading is always possible.

Fairness and service

Gantner Instruments endeavors to be a true partner for its customers, providing service when you need it, wherever you need it. Naturally this includes comprehensive and extensive consulting before purchase, practical aid during installation and unbureaucratic, flexible service afterward. And for special requirements we always find a custom solution.

Gantner Company Broschure

View all information about our intelligent solutions for measurement and test automation at a glance by downloading the Gantner Company Broschure. If you require additional or further information about our products and services, we would like you to use our website or get in touch with our support team.



Gantner India

Gantner India

A subsidiary is founded in Chennai, India.


High-performance controllers

High-performance controllers providing fast sequences, arithmetic and PID expand the wide variety of potential applications in data acquisition and process control.
Gantner Instruments France

Gantner Instruments France

Founding of Gantner Instruments France in Paris.
Gantner Instruments Nordic

Gantner Instruments Nordic

Founding of Gantner Instruments Nordic in Stockholm.


Gantner Instruments SEA Singapore

Founding of Gantner Instruments SEA Singapore.
Gantner Instruments China Ltd.

Gantner Instruments China Ltd.

Founding of Gantner Instruments China Ltd.


German Design Award

Based on Q.series a robust and well designed desk top solution for mobile application were launched. Q.brixx gets the German Design Award.


New generation of measuring systems

Q.series - The new generation of measuring systems up to 100 kHz is presented. Gantner offers one of the first systems with EtherCAT interface.
Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions

Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions

Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions is founded in Zwönitz, Germany. The aim here is to bundle environmental measuring technology and data logging.
Gantner Instruments Inc.

Gantner Instruments Inc.

Gantner Instruments and the US partner establish a joint venture, Gantner Instruments Inc..


New Q.series offering EtherCAT

New Q.series modules offering EtherCAT interface each module. This Q.bloxx EC products became very fast to the standard in EtherCAT measurement application.


Gantner becomes market leader

Gantner becomes market leader

Apart from decentralized technology, Gantner Instruments also offers 19“ systems. Gantner becomes market leader for measurement on engine test stands.

Spin-off company

The Instrumentation business area is spun off from Gantner Instruments and moves to separate premises in 2006.


Remote multi channel measurement

The e.series product range is presented and finds very broad acceptance in testing technology. Remote multi channel measurement system up to 1000 Hz were possible.
Gantner Darmstadt

Gantner Darmstadt

Founding of the subsidiary in Darmstadt, Germany.


Flexible decentralized measurement

ISM series was the synonym for flexible decentralized measurements solutions. Thousands of modules and data logger are still in operation.


Full-scale Profibus DP

Gantner presents the first measuring module with full-scale Profibus DP.


Company foundation

Since 1982 Gantner Instruments has been a specialist for distributed measuring systems. Our know-how is reflected in our products and our services. High precision, flexibility, fail-save operation, excellent resistance to temperature and EMC influences and a sturdy design for operation in tough environments are characteristics typical for Gantner products. Company certified to ISO 9001.
Gantner Electronic

Gantner Electronic

Professor Wilhelm Gantner founds Gantner Electronic in Vorarlberg, Austria on the basis of his developments in the field of microelectronics.