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Monitoring and Control of PV Systems

Photovoltaic (PV) project investments require continuous, accurate and traceable plant monitoring data in order to determine the actual vs. design performance and to fulfil owner/investor expectations. Operators are interested to identify errors and losses in a reliable way to trigger appropriate actions for maximizing energy harvest during the total system lifetime.

Intelligent solutions at all levels

Scada level

Gantner.webportal and SCADA solutions for PV performance monitoring, data storage, visualization, analysis and automated reporting provide transparency about the performance of your PV investment. Mobile integration with HTML5/W3C.

Data level

Data loggers record all measurement parameters from the string level. Furthermore, meteorological data, inverter data and other state variables (switch gear, transformer status) are collected as well based on the modular concept. Signal conditioning, data storage and transfer, compressing and communication in many ways are the strengths of this flexible data solution.* 

String level

Used in medium and large PV systems, design and production errors will be recognized on the DC side with high resolution on a string level. This accurate measurement is inverter independent and gives feedback about losses due to soiling, shading, PV Module degradation etc..

 * Data logging and communication concept based on IEC 61724 Ed.2 “Photovoltaic System Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Measurement, Data Exchange and Analysis”; Integrated grid interaction according to IEC 60870 for plant control (reactive power, ramp rates etc.)